Mimosa pudica seeds, Corte Eremo, Mantova

I’ve had a look in internet to see how to get good seed germinating results, but opinions and success rates vary greatly. What I wasn’t sure of was if scarifying meant the outer dark papery shell, or the small lentil-coloured seed inside, I planted about 25 seeds whole, without scratching or opening anything, and these 13 I’ve “peeled”. I don’t know why, but the seed coating wasn’t as tough and hard as I’ve read it would be. With a nail clipper it was easy to cut the outside layer, and then the inner seed popped out without any difficulty, giving me the idea that it was autonomous, and not in need of its covering. I wish I had removed more dark shells before sowing, but we’ll see how it goes. Nobody that I read today suggested “remove the inner seed from the dark shell.”  Hmmm.