Rock-a-bye babies! Mimosa pudica hanging in a “cradle” above the woodstove, Corte Eremo (Mantova)

I’m always reading “leave seeds to germinate in a sunny, warm location” or “heat from underneath” or “keep warm in a propagator” but I can do none of these things. The only warm spot in Corte Eremo is near the woodstove. After spending 2,000 euro between the end of October and the end of January for heating (and not even being warm), I gave up and turned off the gas. 

So Mimosa and freinds will have to hang out here for a few weeks or more, until outdoor temperatures rise… 

No, it isn’t easy to keep the woodstove going without cooking the plants, but it’s worth a try. The Mimosa pudica stories I’ve read on blogs and websites are crazy. You put the seeds in near boiling water? You forgot the seeds in pots, and after four months - in the middle of the summer and without being watered regularly - they began to germinate? What every success story had in common was lots of heat, so I’m giving them all I can. If it were a less interesting, less beautiful plant, I probably wouldn’t bother, but Mimosa pudica deserves this and more. Now grow, baby, grow!


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